A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Hadal Calm is a 2D Action-Platformer featuring PVP and Coop combat.

  • 50 different weapons and 100+ unique upgrades.
  • Single Player Campaign and 3 boss fights.
  • Survival arena and boss challenges for cooperative or single player.
  •  Fast-paced pvp combat across a variety of maps.
  • Procedurally generated poetry.

This game was made using LIBGDX.

Controls: (all controls can be rebinded in the menu: settings -> controls)

  • A/D: Move left/right
  • W: jump (spend fuel to hover when all jumps have been expended)
  • S: Fast fall in air, pass through dropthrough platforms
  • MOUSE_LEFT: Fire currently held weapon
  • MOUSE_RIGHT: Spend fuel to airblast, knocking away enemies, reflecting projectiles and boosting the player.
  • 1/2/3/4/MOUSE_WHEEL: switch current weapon
  • SPACE: use active item if fully charged
  • E: interact with events
  • P: pause game
  • Z: Advance dialog
  • R: Manual reload
  • M: open chat window
  • ESC: exit chat window and hub menus
  • TAB: open score window

Some notes: 

In order to connect to a remote host, the host must enable port forwarding on the chosen port. (default number is 11100). Client and host also must be using the same version of the game.

Hitsounds can be changed or disabled in the menu: (settings -> audio -> hitsounds)

Install instructions

Download and run exe file.

Alternatively, download and unzip zip file, then run the exe file inside. Do this if you do not have the required JRE.

Program will create folder with save information upon running.


HadalCalm-v.1.0.3d.exe 46 MB
HadalCalm-v1.0.3d.zip 111 MB
HadalCalm-v1.0.3d.jar 46 MB

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