1.0.3 update (DD34)

  • Added client prediction for high ping clients.
  • New boss fight: False Sun
  • Sounds and particles for enemies to telegraph attacks
  • Input buffering: pressing jump twice rapidly will now buffer a double jump instead of having delay eat up the second input. This also applies to boosting and using weapons with low attack speed.
  • Hitsounds when damaging enemies. The player can change sound or volume in the menu (Settings -> Audio)
  • Many changes have been made to the level layout of the single-player campaign.
  • Players can now make debug hitboxes visible in the menu (Settings -> Display)
  • New Weapons: Battering Ram, Peppergrinder, Reticle Strike
  • New Artifacts: Castaway's Travelogue, Chaos Conjurant, Our Get-Along Shirt, Vestigial Chamber

Minor changes

  • Bosses now scale to the number of players.
  • Wave spawners in arena now stagger their spawns
  • Explosives now flash when about to explode.
  • Weapon rebalancing.
  • Artifact descriptions and procedurally generated poetry.
  • Portable turret and land mine now interact properly with dropthrough platforms and moving platforms
  • Many old weapons now have new visuals


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