• added new title screen
  • new sprite for tesla coil and False Sun orbital attack
  • nematocydearm projectile sprite now animates correctly on client
  • celestial annointment item echo no longer causes echoed projectiles to have amplified velocity
  • several damage sources no longer incorrectly ignore damage-activated effects
  • deplorable apparatus cooldown is now properly reset when taking damage while cooling down
  • charge rate modifiers no longer make the deep sea smelter unable to overheat.
  • administrator's card no longer removes artifacts you already have equipped.
  • increased max audio sources, making it less likely that sounds will be muted if too many sounds are played simultaneously
  • boss hp bar no longer sometimes goes into negatives for clients
  • pooled particle effects are no longer improperly disposed of
  • tesla coil no longer connects to other coils that haven't been planted yet.


HadalCalm-v.1.0.3b.exe 46 MB
81 days ago
HadalCalm-v1.0.3b.zip 68 MB
81 days ago

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